Connecticut diners mentioned in Food & Wine's 'Best Breakfast in Every State'

Photo of Leeanne Griffin

Connecticut's "diners, doughnuts and dives" scene make the state a top pick for breakfast, Food & Wine recently declared.

Author David Landsel praised the state's time-honored diners, classic doughnut shops and cafes while determining "The Best Breakfast in Every State." "...If there were a best states for breakfast list, Connecticut would surely be right up there," he wrote.

"Perfect diners shoehorned into actual vintage dining cars, no-frills doughnut shops galore, country cafes pushing pie before the lunch hour — it's no wonder Connecticut breakfasts helped give rise to a pre-Triple D, pre-social media, pre-a whole lot else movement, dedicated to glorifying the finest of the simpler things," Landsel wrote, noting the influence of Roadfood co-founders Jane and Michael Stern.

The blurb includes mentions of the "golden crullers" at Speedy Donuts in Norwalk, "elegant pancakes" at Stamford's Lakeside Diner, "colorful omelets and crispy hash browns" at Sandy Hook Diner and "neighborhood vibes and great croissants" at Harborview Market in Black Rock. Other standouts include a porchetta, fried egg and kimchi sandwich at Litchfield's Meraki and freshly-baked goods at the "lovely, pint-sized" Story & Soil in Hartford, which opened a Middletown location in Wesleyan's RJ Julia bookstore last year.

In August, Landsel named doughnuts as Connecticut's best fried food, noting spots like Lakeside, Coffee An' in Westport, and newcomers in Mystic like Nana's Bakery and Pizza and Young Buns. Landsel also rounded up the best doughnuts in every state in February 2021, giving the Connecticut nod to Neil's Donuts of Wallingford and Middletown.

Food & Wine named Southbury's Laurel Diner as Connecticut's best in June, mentioning its homemade corned beef breakfasts as a highlight. The diner boasts an extensive menu, with everything from "basic breakfasts" with eggs, home fries and toast to creative omelets and decadent pancakes with cannoli filling, Oreo and Nutella.