27 Black Bean Recipes For Every Kind of Dinner Craving

Beans, beans, the magical fruit (or technically, legume). The more you eat, the more…protein, iron, and fiber in your system (so, yes, maybe also more toots.) We love beans indiscriminately—for their nutritious benefits, sure, but mostly for their versatility and adaptability when it comes to cooking.

But let’s focus on black beans, given they’re arguably one of the most multifaceted in bean-genre. These little guys span dishes in cultures from East Asia to South America. Black beans are found in various forms, from dried, to canned whole beans, to refried. One of our favorites is a fermented paste that's actually made from black soybeans (and technically different from the black beans you'd find in a can at most American grocery stores) and used in comforting stir-fried noodles, that simply can’t be replicated or replaced.