Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson wanted to be 'Black Adam' since childhood, part of which he spent in CT

Actor Dwayne Johnson, better known as "The Rock," has seen himself as the main character of DC's latest superhero film, "Black Adam," since his childhood — part of which he spent chowing down on New Haven pizza

"Black Adam," which was released on Oct. 21, centers around the titular character (played by Dwayne Johnson) being freed from imprisonment after 5,000 years, facing off against superheroes and enacting his "unique form of justice," according to the movie's website. The film has topped the box office for the third straight weekend after its release, racking in a domestic tally of $137.4 million, according to the Associated Press. 

For  Johnson, this release is more than just another superhero movie, ever since his childhood as a DC fan, has seen part of himself in Black Adam, relating to the "rage on their face" and brown skin, he said during an interview with MTV. The actor said that it has taken over 10 years to see "Black Adam," which he called a "passion project," come to life on the silver screen.

"While 13 years ago the studio might not have seen the value in 'Black Adam,' I did. I felt it in my gut, in my heart that if we created a movie there would be a lot of people who would enjoy [the character of Black Adam.] But maybe more important than enjoying the movie, they could see a little of themselves in Black Adam too as well," Johnson told MTV. 

The movie experienced delays in production — some due to the fact that the "Shazam!" movie, which is set in the same universe, needed to be released first — rescheduled film shoots and the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Sportskeeda.

He spent part of that childhood in Connecticut, getting his earlier education from Shepherd Glen Elementary and Hamden Middle School. WRGB CBS 6 Anchor Jacquie Slater recalled on Twitter living in the same Hamden neighborhood as Johnson and watching his family wrestle in the backyard, years before he would end up starting his wrestling career. 

Wrestling wasn't the only thing he enjoyed doing in the Nutmeg State; in 2012,  Johnson tweeted that he enjoyed getting Connecticut pizza.

"I did a lot of growing up in the Hamden/New Haven area. Great pizza joints," he wrote to a fan on Twitter. 

Before becoming a movie star,  Johnson was also a wrestler for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE,) whose global headquarters is based in Stamford. During his wrestling career, he won eight WWE Championships, according to his WWE page. His father, Rocky Johnson, also had a professional wrestling career with the WWE, being inducted into the Hall of Fame, alongside his grandfather Peter Maivia, in 2008.

Dwayne Johnson told Men's Journal that his father, who passed away in 2020, was a superhero-like figure that he looked up to.

"I grew up going to the gym with my dad. When I was five years old, he’d let me watch him work out. When I was 12, I picked up my first weight. After that he’d take me on the wrestling mats and just beat the [expletive] out of me," he told Men's Journal. 

Despite his time as a wrestler, Johnson said in Men's Journal that the training for his role in "Black Adam" was "the most arduous" he had done in his entire life.

"I started training for 'Black Adam' when I came out of the womb. I believe I was born to play this character," Johnson told Men's Journal. "Once the start date was agreed on by our Seven Bucks production company, the rest of my team, Warner Bros. Studio, and DC Comics, I started to build an exhaustive training program with my coach Dave Rienzi. I wanted to come into this in the best shape of my career."