The touring Hudson Shakespeare Company is returning to the Stratford Library with “The Murder of Thomas Arden of Faversham.”

The Jersey City, N.J., troupe likes to alternate Shakespeare mainstays with lesser known plays from the same period. “Murder” was published anonymously in 1592 and deals with the real-life murder plot of a wealthy landowner by his wife and her lover.

The play’s author has never been fully determined, but over the years some scholars have found the fingerprints of Shakespeare in some scenes. Computer tests known as Stylometrics have compared the Shakespeare-attributed portions of the play and matched them to his known works and have found many matches between the two.

“The play is billed as a tragedy by its title page, but really it’s a screwball comedy,” director Jon Ciccarelli said.

Stratford Library, 2203 Main St. Saturday, July 25, at 2 p.m. Free.