Too easy to spot by predators or prey, albino alligators are a rare sight in the wild. During the past 10 years, however, visitors to the Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk have found themselves eye to eye, from time to time, with these white reptiles.

One of the latest of these visitors soon will wrap up its summer visit — departing Sept. 3, at the conclusion of the Labor Day weekend.

“Given this is our 30th anniversary, we have been trying to bring back some popular exhibits this year,” said Dave Sigworth, an aquarium spokesperson. The aquarium welcomed similarly hued alligators in the past, including stays in 2008 and 2012.

A Labor Day weekend visit will offer guests a look to the past, as well as a view of the future, Sigworth said.

A new permanent exhibit recently opened, “Just Add Water,” which features 23 species of animals, including 21 that have never been housed at the aquarium. Among the new visitors are Geoffroy’s tamarins, Gambel’s quail, a striped skunk, a prehensile-tail porcupine, a screech owl, a savannah monitor lizard, Cuvier’s dwarf caiman, and blue-and-gold macaws.

“This is a huge change for us,” said Sigworth, noting that the exhibit delves deeper into land-based habitats than has been the practice in the past. Beginning with an arid environment, “Just Add Water” asks the question of what happens as more and more water is added to a habitat. The moisture content spans from nearly none at all to a very wet rainforest.

“The exchange of heat between the ocean and atmosphere drives much of Earth’s atmospheric circulation,” stated Barrett Christie, the aquarium’s director of animal husbandry, in a recent news release. “When you factor in currents and winds, you have the oceans helping to create and shape the world’s habitats for wildlife through climate and weather.”

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