Darien High School students performing 'The Pandemic Project'

Darien High School Theatre 308 Students are putting on

Darien High School Theatre 308 Students are putting on “The Pandemic Project” this year, 2020, free of charge, via the Zoom meeting application, Nov. 19, Nov. 20, and Nov. 21, at 7 p.m.

Jarret Liotta / For Hearst Connecticut Media

Students in the organization Theatre 308 at Darien High School are performing the original documentary play “The Pandemic Project” free of charge Nov. 19, Nov. 20 and Nov. 21, at 7 p.m., on Zoom, according to information from the Darien School District. A link will also be available on Theatre 308’s website.

There will also be a talk back following each performance where audience members will have the opportunity to join the performers and student creative team on Zoom to ask questions about the process and continue the dialogue of the show.

To get a taste of this year’s production, residents can watch an informational video available on YouTube: https://youtu.be


More information about the production, and organization can be found on @theatre308’s Instragram page, Snapchat account, and, or Twitter page, or the organization’s website at theatre308.org.

The show is a series of monologues that stem from interviews that members conducted with either Darien residents or people who have a connection to the community.

“Unchartered territory, this original 308 production will serve as an insider’s view of Darien’s perspective on COVID-19 and quarantine,” Theatre 308 said.

The inspiration from this comes from an actor, and theatermaker, Anna Deavere Smith, who is known for doing monologues from interviews.

Darien High School Drama Director Dr. Andrew Regan also spoke about what the original documentary play is about, especially when it comes to its platform.

“Theater gives us a chance to better understand the humanity of other people and ourselves, to learn in an embodied way, through an in-the-moment connection in a shared space, whether in person or online, and all of that is still possible on Zoom. It’s more important than ever during the (coronavirus) pandemic,” Rejan said.

The play is also meant to cover several points of view in order to explore how Theatre 308 can connect to what is happening in the world right now.