The Darien Sport Shop, ITPMAN and ITPKIDS hosted an event Aug. 6 at Weed Beach Park.

The ITP Foundation called on the community and local businesses to get behind this event to benefit children with ITP, a rare and serious bleeding disorder.

The ITP Foundation, dedicated to battling the rare and serious bleeding disorder immune thrombocytopenia held the event in the neighboring towns of Darien and Rowayton. The ITPMAN Swim.Run for ITP was an event with multiple choices.

Athletes participated in a half-mile swim, a five-mile run, or a combined half-mile swim and five-mile run.

The ITPKIDS Splash & Dash is a kids-specific event allowing them to take part in a 100 yard swim followed by a half-mile run.

All proceeds from the Darien Sport Shop ITPMAN and ITPKIDS events went directly to the ITP Foundation so that we may continue working to fight this disease.

ITP is a disorder of the blood which occurs when your body's own immune system destroys its own platelets, in the same way it would destroy harmful invaders such as bacteria.

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Platelets are important for helping the blood to clot and stop bleeding.

The ITPMAN and ITPKIDS events has enabled the ITP Foundation to grant more than $100,000 in medical research initiatives focused on the cause and treatment of ITP in addition to providing for assistance to families of children with ITP.

"We could not put on an event without the support of our local towns, officials, businesses, and most certainly our sponsors," Jun Watanabe, executive director of the ITP Foundation, said.

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