With the onslaught of dramas and dark comedies cropping up on screens, it’s nice to find a show that the whole family can watch together. The New Legends of Monkey follows the story of a youngster on a quest to save the world from demons. After finding herself as the only one who can free the legendary god, the Monkey King a young girl takes on the mantle of warrior monk Tripitaka to restore balance to the world. After freeing the Monkey King, the protagonist picks up a few more pals before going off in search of the ancient scrolls while fighting demons along the way. It sounds like it would be a pretty heavy show, but luckily for viewers this mission is loaded with silly banter and features an interesting collection of characters.

This fluffy romp is loosely based off a 16th-Century Chinese story, A Journey to the West. This retelling of the story incorporates more female characters in an effort to be more inclusive. While Tripitaka freed the Monkey King in the hope that he would know how to save the world, she finds herself in more of a leadership role because the Monkey King is pretty clueless. To make it even more interesting, the powerful god has difficulty tapping into his powers after being trapped in a mountain for 500 years. The other companions, Sandy and Pigsy, inject additional humor into the series as they take turns teasing the Monkey King.

This live-action series is light enough for younger viewers to watch, but the fight sequences and quips will keep the older viewers amused as well.

The New Adventures of Monkey has 10 25-minute episodes on Netflix. Viewers may also enjoy Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, which tells the story of the Baudelaire orphans as they try to unravel the dark happenings that follow them. Audiences may also like Hulu’s Runaways, a show about superpowered teens.