Who doesn’t love a dystopian sci-fi drama? Considering Hollywood optioned a number of dystopian young adult books and turned them into successful franchises in recent years (The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, Divergent), why wouldn’t Netflix use the public’s fascination with dystopian universes?

Travelers is about a team of specially selected people from (you guessed it) a dystopian future who are sent back in time to prevent the downfall of humanity. Now the team isn’t sent back through a Tardis or a DeLorean; instead the Travelers travel back in time by having their consciousness take over the body of a person within the last few moments of life.

In addition to trying to stop crisis after crisis, the team of Travelers is faced with the struggles of living in the 21st Century and taking on the lives of their hosts’ bodies. While the overall storyline of the series in intriguing, it’s not the missions that will keep viewers in their seats. Watching the Travelers adapt to their new lives and how the characters become more human from their interactions with the loved ones their hosts left behind is what makes the show so engaging. As a bonus, Travelers is not like most sci-fi shows currently on the air, as it doesn’t heavily rely on special effects and the villain isn’t one single person (but I won’t spoil that for you). Now, that there are two seasons available, viewers can stretch out their binge.

The series stars Eric McCormack, Nesta Cooper, MacKenzie Porter, Reilly Dolman and Jared Abrahamson. Two seasons of Travelers are available on Netflix; each season has 12 45-minute episodes. It is rated TV-MA.

Fans might also enjoy the Netflix film What Happened to Monday, a female-driven dystopian story that deals with population control. Viewers might also like The OA, which explores what happened to a woman who was missing for seven years.