How long does it take to make a life-altering decision? Netflix’s new series Seven Seconds asks viewers just that as it takes the audience down a dark and all-too-real rabbit hole.

Seven Seconds, created by Veena Sud, follows the aftermath and investigation into a hit-and-run that killed Brenton Butler, a black teenager in Jersey City. Viewers watch as the cops who were involved in the accident try to cover their tracks and the Butler family reels from the crime. The show also allows the audience to look into the lives of the lawyer, KJ Harper, prosecuting the case and Fish, the detective who pushes Harper to look deeper into the case.

This drama is a must-see series, even though it can be hard to watch as the unfolding events feel as though they have been ripped directly from the headlines. What makes this story so compelling is how it portrays the aftermath of the accident.

The acting in this series is phenomenal. Regina King and Russell Hornsby’s heartwrenching performances as Brenton Butler’s parents make the drama all the more tragic. Yes, the couple loses their son, but as the investigation drags on and the hope of getting justice for their son drifts farther away, they find themselves pushing the other away in their grief. It is through their love of their son that the audience learns who Brenton Butler was.

Beau Knapp, as Peter Jablonski, the driver of this tragedy, portrays a man racked with guilt over his actions and fear of what will happen to him if he comes forward. Clare-Hope Ashitey performs beautifully as the self-pitying and disillusioned and often intoxicated KJ Harper.

Seven Seconds is available on Netflix and has 10 hour-long episodes. The series is rated TV-MA. Fans of Seven Seconds may also enjoy The Killing, another series by Veena Sud, which follows the lives of two detectives as they investigate murders. Those looking for lighter fare should give Netflix’s Nailed It a try. It’s an amusing baking competition where amatuer bakers try to recreate fancy cakes to win the prize.