It’s always fun to watch something and then develop a wildly irrational distrust because of it. Remember when This Is Us fans started to chuck their Crock-Pots after a particularly devastating episode aired?

Anyways, after watching Netflix’s Danish series The Rain, I was a bit hesitant to about splashing in puddles with my dog (given that I live in a soggy state, I had to get over that pretty quickly). The Rain follows the story of a brother and sister who have lived in a bunker for more than six years after their father unceremoniously dumped them there while shouting about the rain. Through a staticky radio they learn that the rain is killing people. When they’re finally forced to leave the bunker in search of food, they find a world they barely recognize.

The siblings join forces with a group of young adults and try to find their father while attempting to escape the quarantine zone.

What’s interesting about this series is how it explores the manners in which humans respond to a disaster. The audience witnesses people who have lost their sense of humanity, others who practice a cultish cannibalism and those who still show kindness despite having the world fall down around them.

The series is available with English voice-overs or subtitles, (personally I prefer subtitles because I find the mismatched voices to be distracting whenever I watch a foreign film or series) on Netflix. There are eight 40-minute episodes. Fans of The Rain might also enjoy 3%, a Brazilian dystopian series available on Netflix. For those looking for fluffier fare after watching The Rain, give The Santa Clarita Diet’s campy zombie fun a try.