Step beyond the carefully calculated veil and enter the world of Queen Elizabeth II in Netflix’s series, The Crown.

The story begins with Elizabeth transitioning from being a young princess to queenship after the death of her father. Viewers watch as Elizabeth leads the monarchy, working with her various prime ministers and dealing with the familial struggles that arise all while maintaining her composure in the public eye.

The first season of the series revolves around Elizabeth and Philip as they try to navigate the new monarchal obligations in their marriage. After Elizabeth’s coronation, Philip finds it difficult to live in a world where he must bow to his wife, where his children are not permitted to take his last name and have a higher rank than he does.

Elizabeth also finds herself at odds with her sister, Princess Margaret, after she is unable to give her sister permission to marry the love of her life because he is a divorcee. A scandal unravels in the press as the public shows their support for the princess’s relationship, while Elizabeth cannot permit the marriage because her government is pressuring her to adhere to the monarchy’s rules.

In the second season of The Crown viewers see more of the turmoil Elizabeth faces after she is criticized as being too stiff, the Suez Canal crisis and scandals about her husband’s friends and the company her sister keeps. This season also provides more information about Philip’s intriguing family history.

Claire Foy performs with all the grace and dignity of a queen as she reveals Elizabeth’s struggle to put the crown before her feelings time and time again. Matt Smith shines as Philip, the duke of Edinburgh, as he tries to be the supportive husband while also striving to live his life unhampered by the requirements of royalty. However, it is Vanessa Kirby’s performance as the daring and uninhibited Princess Margaret that entrances the audience.

The Crown has two seasons comprising of 20 hour-long episodes. The series is rated TV-MA. Fans can rejoice as the drama has already been picked up for a third season; however, the actors they have come to love will be re-cast, as Elizabeth’s reign continues.