The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling have returned for a second season to provide viewers with enough ’80s nostalgia to encourage some to dig out their old leg warmers and hop around to an old Jane Fonda workout tape.

Netflix’s GLOW, a series about a group of women trying to make a hit TV show about women’s wrestling, used their second season to expand on the characters’ lives outside the ring. While the first season focused on watching the women train and figure out how to create the show, this season the viewer gets to learn more about the women themselves and not just their wrestling personas. Stronger friendships form between the ladies as they share their lives on and off the wrestling stage and it’s those bonds that make the series worth the binge. In between the campy wrestling scenes and the eye-watering amount of neon spandex it is the complicated relationships that form between these women that grab the audience’s attention. While the tumultuous friendship between Ruth and Debbie is explored, the camera takes the opportunity to explore the ties between Ruth and Sam, Debbie and Tammé as well as a budding romance between two of the wrestlers.

With stronger connections between the characters, the show can have more fun with the characters — with one episode being dedicated to goofy promo sketches with the girls in their wrestling personas that includes a music video.

GLOW has two seasons with 20 half-hour episodes. The show is rated TV-MA (while it’s fun, this isn’t a show to watch with your young children). Fans of GLOW might also enjoy Netflix’s The Santa Clarita Diet, a campy romp about a suburban housewife becoming a zombie. For another show packed with 80s nostalgia, Stranger Things is a sci-fi drama about a group of pre-teens in a small town that befriend a girl with mysterious powers.