Netflix’s latest series, The Innocents, revolves around June and Harry who just want to be able to live their lives without dealing with the drudgery and restrictions imposed on them by their respective parents. Unfortunately, when the young protagonists try to liberate themselves by running away, they encounter a very strange man who inexplicably wants to kidnap June.

After the attempted kidnapping, June discovers that she can shapeshift into other people’s bodies, a trick that leaves both teens absolutely baffled and reeling.

Now June and Harry find themselves being hunted down by the attempted kidnapper, while they try to understand what’s happening to June. At the same time, the teen’s parents are also trying to locate their runaway children and a mysterious scientist in Norway is urging the kidnapper to bring June to him at once.

While the plot comes across as a slightly confusing puzzle, once the pieces all fall into place the story becomes all the more engaging. The sweet innocence of Harry and June’s first love let’s them believe that they can get through anything together, even when June isn’t wearing her normal face. What makes their romance even more endearing is Harry’s ability to help June return to herself when even her hypnotic chant of “keep calm, come to no harm” fails her.

Sorcha Groundsell and Percelle Ascott provide extraordinary performances as the star-crossed lovers, June and Harry. The duo has spectacular chemistry, which Ascott effortlessly carries over with the other actors that play June when she’s shapeshifting.

The Innocents has eight hour-long episodes available on Netflix. Viewers might also enjoy Sense8, a sci-fi drama about eight strangers who share a psychic connection, which has two seasons and a movie available on Netflix. Fans of The Innocents might also enjoy Travelers, another Netflix series that follows a group of people who send their minds back in time to prevent major disasters.