Guys, the struggle was real this past week. After May 15’s crazy storm/tornado/macroburst chaos, I, like many others in the area, was left without power. While it isn’t the greatest thing, losing power wasn’t the end of the world. Unfortunately, I lost all cell/wifi access with our power; as such I wasn’t able to binge anything this week.

Instead of a review this week I’m recommending some laughter. Streaming networks and YouTube are packed with plenty of stand-up sets of varying lengths and comedic styles. To lift the shadow of last week’s insane weather, give any one of John Mulaney’s comedy specials a try.

My personal favorite is Mulaney’s The Comeback Kid set, which touches on marriage, babies and (the hilarious) Bill Clinton. The comedy special can easily be found on Netflix or YouTube.

Mulaney uses strange anecdotes from his life in his sets and manages to bring about plenty of laughs while poking fun at himself. The comedian also has two other comedy specials available on Netflix; New in Town and Kid Gorgeous.

For those looking for a quick laugh, check out his The Salt and Pepper Diner or Street Smarts clips.

We’ll be back next week with our regularly scheduled reviews. To suggest a series for review, email