Space travel, robots and death defying feats are certainly eye-catching in Netflix’s Lost in Space, but humanity is at the heart of this space survivalist series.

When the audience first meets the Robinsons they are about to crash on an unnamed planet while trying to make their way to a new space colony. The family has a rocky start on their new planet, where they’re faced with an icy rescue, a wildfire and the sudden appearance of a robot. This all occurs within the first episode of the series.

The viewers quickly learn through dialogue and flashbacks that the Robinsons are an extraordinary family; dad is a soldier, mom is a rocket scientist and Judy, the eldest Robinson daughter, is a teenaged doctor. However, Will, the youngest of the Robinson clan, can’t help but feel like he doesn’t belong going into space and constantly doubts himself. He also happens to be friends with a robot that spends the majority of the series protecting Will’s family. Maxwell Jenkins’ performance as Will Robinson has a delicate depth that extends beyond the actor’s young age. As one of the leads, Jenkins carries a heavy load on his slim shoulders and he certainly delivers, breathing life into a scared, intelligent little boy who just wants to measure up to his family’s bravery and skill. The bonds Will has with the other characters is what make this series more compelling than basic sci-fi fodder. Yes, seeing space travel through the lens of his childlike wonder is great, but it is his simpler actions, like teaching a robot to play catch, that make the show so binge-worthy.

While the show focuses on the lives of the Robinsons, viewers can’t help but be sucked into the mysterious plotting of Parker Posey’s Dr. Z. As the series progresses nuggets of information about Dr. Z are revealed primarily through flashbacks, with each new tidbit bringing about more unease.

Lost in Space has 10 hour-long episodes available on Netflix. Fans of Lost in Space may also enjoy Netflix’s Stranger Things, a series about young adolescents in a small town and the odd happenings at the covert science lab. Viewers may also appreciate Netflix’s Dark, which follows the unraveling puzzle about children who disappear from a small German town.