Binge and Repeat: 13 Reasons Why and the aftermath of tragedy

The second season of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why delves deeper into Hannah Baker’s life and explores more of the aftermath of her suicide.

The first season tells Hannah’s story about the events that led her to decide to take her life.

Having read Jay Asher’s book, which the first season was based on, I wasn’t quite sure how the streaming giant was going to pull off a second season of a show that has been heavily criticized for its graphic depictions of suicide, violence and sexual assault. The second season reveals how those named on the tapes knew Hannah and explores their relationships to her outside of what was included on the tapes. This season also delves into how the other characters cope with Hannah’s death and what she said on her tapes.

As the season progresses viewers watch Clay struggle to move forward while trying to get justice for what happened to Hannah and other students at Liberty High School.

This dark and intriguing show is for mature audiences, which Netflix stresses at the beginning of each episode. As the credits roll, the series also provides resources for those struggling with the issues that the series explores.

13 Reasons Why tells an important story and unfortunately the court events are all too real. After a student steps forward and shares her story about her rape, her peers believe she’s lying and that she falsely accused her rapist. When she gathers the courage to face him in court, she is let down by the legal system.

This series is equal parts engrossing and heartbreaking. Hopefully it will remind us all to be kinder to each other.

Viewers with mental health issues should be wary about watching this particular series and parents should be mindful of discussing these difficult issues with their children if they permit them to watch it.

13 Reasons Why has 26 hour-long episodes on Netflix. Audiences may also enjoy the dark humor in A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix. For lighter content, viewers can watch Netflix’s Nailed It!, an ameteur baking competition.