After her mother’s death Elodie relocates to Portland and she finds herself feeling like a misfit at her new school, where her peers are less than friendly. It’s only after her father forces her to attend Shoplifters Anonymous that she begins to feel less alien in her new life.

The Netflix series “Trinkets” follows three mismatched teens as their shared love of the “five-finger discount” binds them together, based on the book by Kirsten “Kiwi” Smith.
Elodie begins to hang out with Moe and Tabitha after they have a competition to see who can steal the most expensive item at a boutique near their SA meeting. As the series unravels, viewers learn that rich-girl Tabitha has a less than perfect life and outsider Moe is hiding more than the identity of her boyfriend from her friends.
This fluffy series is a quick binge, viewers will find themselves quickly speeding through the episodes to see how Elodie will flail in the lesbian dating pool and to laugh along with the girls’ light-fingered antics. However the series does feature a darker element as the teens work together to help Tabitha escape her abusive boyfriend, Moe has to deal with her estranged father’s release from prison and Elodie continues to grieve the loss of her mother.
Brianna Hildebrand, known for her role as Negasonic Teenage Warhead in “Deadpool,” stars as the brittle Elodie with a charming amount of awkwardness. Quintessa Swindell layers genuine emotion into her performance as Tabitha and allows her facial expressions to add depth to a character that easily could have been written off as the poor little rich girl. Kiana Madeira plays the spunky and guarded Moe with plenty of spirit. However Katrina Cunningham steals the spotlight in her role as Sabine, the reckless singer who captures Elodie’s attention.
“Trinkets” has 10 half-hour episodes available on Netflix. The series is rated TV-MA. Viewers might also enjoy watching Netflix’s “Jessica Jones,” a series based on the Marvel Comics about a private investigator who packs a serious punch.