With 1,474 boys and girls enrolled, Darien Little League this year became the largest chartered Little League program in the United States.

There are currently 5,969 leagues under the sanction of Little League in the country and 7,170 worldwide. Darien Little League baseball and softball includes leagues for boys and girls from ages 5 to 12 and provides an outstanding Challenger program for mentally and physically handicapped children.

Approximately 2 million children participate in Little League nationally and a total of 2.5 million globally.

"I think this news says a lot about Darien Little League and the town we live in," said Tony Farren, president of Darien Little League. "Baseball is a timeless sport and it's gratifying that so many of our youngsters enjoy it and participate."

Despite other activities and sports, interest in Little League baseball in Darien has grown over the years.

"A lot has to do with our facilities at McGuane as well as our desire to make improvements each year," Farren said. "We also have a strong foundation of volunteers, sponsors and parents that make a big difference."

Darien Little League was founded in 1952 and is home to spring, summer and fall baseball and softball programs and winter clinics.

"For more than five decades generations of parents and players in Darien, Conn., have embraced the ideals of Little League, and today Darien Little League (DLL) serves as a well respected model for what's possible when a community comes together in support of Little League's mission," Little League International stated when announcing the news.

For more information about Darien Little League and its programs: www.dybs.org.