Pouches with purpose: Breast cancer awareness event at Darien's Hayvn


A “Pouches with Purpose” fundraiser as part of October Breast Cancer Awareness Month will be held at Darien-based Hayvn on Oct. 17, organized by local Beautycounter consultants.


In honor of October Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a team of consultants affiliated with Beautycounter is kicking off “Pouches with purpose,” an initiative that will provide local breast cancer patients with pouches filled with non-toxic personal care products and uplifting messaging for their road to recovery.

“What’s so special about our Pouches with Purpose initiative? It’s personal. It’s simple. And we put the patient’s health first,” said Elizabeth Maida Fusaro, Stamford native leading the Beautycounter initiative for the second year in a row. “This is not run or sponsored by Beautycounter. We do this out of love.”

As part of the fund-raiser, the ladies will host “Beauty with Purpose: A Night for Health and Healing,” on Thursday, Oct. 17, at 7 pm. at Darien-based co-working space, Hayvn.

Ticket price is $50 and will cover one Pouch with Purpose to be donated to Norwalk and Stamford hospitals, catered food, unlimited wine and prosecco, music and more. Tickets can be purchased by visiting beautywithpurpose.eventbrite.com.

The pouches will be hand-packed with a few items intended to help the women heal both physically and mentally, including Beautycounter-branded lotion and lipstick, a card from the Beautycounter team, and a magnet with inspiring messaging.

“Our goal is to donate 150 pouches to Norwalk and Stamford hospitals this year, but we cannot do this alone,” says Maida Fusaro.

Those who cannot make it to the event but want to sponsor a pouch can do so by reaching out to elizabeth.l.maida@gmail.com.

Last year, through generous donations, the team donated 55 pouches to Norwalk Hospital and loved ones.