Tracy Morgan isn’t shy about letting people know that comedy was his way out of the Brooklyn projects, and despite some tough times, including a serious car accident in 2014 that almost ended his career, the resilient actor and comedian is back and better than ever.

Morgan rose to fame on Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock, and is now a star of the hit show, The Last O.G. But through it all, he has always continued to do stand-up. On Oct. 12, Morgan heads to the Palace Theatre in Stamford for a night of comedy. Keith Loria spoke with him about the show.

Keith Loria: What can those coming out expect from your show?

Tracy Morgan: It’s going to be funny. I’ve been doing this for 30 years, and it’s what I do — I make people laugh. I’m coming and I’m bringing truckloads of funny. My audience knows what to expect when they buy their ticket and I won’t let them down.

KL: A lot of comedians today find a lot of material in discussing Donald Trump and what’s happening in the world. Is this something that works its way into your routine?

TM: I’m not into politics, that’s not my bag. I keep my faith in God, that’s what I believe in. I’m a comedian and I talk the truth on stage. I’m always honest with my audience. People can relate to the truth one way or another and it’s the same all around the world.

KL: You have made it big as a TV and film star, yet continue to do stand-up. Why is that still important to you?

TM: It’s just what I want to do and I still love it. Most people out there don’t have anything to laugh about. That’s why it’s important to me. If you don’t laugh, you’re going to cry.

KL: When you’re busy with other projects, is it hard to find time to tour and be out there live on the comedy stage?

TM: I find time. It’s about working out different muscles. It’s like I’m in the gym. The stage is my gym. I go from one machine to another and I know what muscles I am working on. Maybe it’s biceps, maybe it’s back, maybe it’s core. I don’t do it every day but I try to make it twice a week.

KL: You’re the father of a young daughter and son; how do you like being a dad?

TM: The most important thing in my world is my family and show business is way down in priority, but I love to make people laugh. I have to take care of my health and take care of my family. My boy is my boy, but my daughter is my daughter. She’s the light of my world. She has me wrapped around her pinky. When you are a dad, you are at your best. They need us for guidance, love, understanding, wisdom and protection. When I have that, I can go out and make the whole world laugh.

KL: What do you consider special about The Last O.G.? Why is this a show that succeeds?

TM: It’s the most honest show you can see about crack with commercials. The thing I love is that there’s color in a very dark place. It’s a very kind show. It is a show starring the community.

KL: In addition to starring on The Last O.G., you’re also one of the producers of the show. What’s your role with that title?

TM: Producing is all about connecting the dots. You get the right director, the right music, the right engineers and then you need the right vision. I’ve been living with this show for the last eight years, and it’s all about my vision.

KL: You also star in the upcoming movie, What Men Want opposite Taraji P. Henson. What can you tell me about that?

TM: That’s going to be awesome. I was so happy to work with all my coworkers on that movie. We did it last summer and it’s just something that people are going to love.

KL: What’s the latest news on your next stand-up special? When can we expect to see something?

TM: I’ve been writing and when I come to Stamford, you’ll see some of that new material. I just stopped shooting The Last O.G. two weeks ago, so me and my facilitators are getting things ready and you’ll get a preview of what we’re working on. There are no timelines. When it’s done, it’s done. When I feel I’m ready to do my next special, I’ll do it. My audience will let me know when it’s ready.