No, you don’t need to adjust your screens and you’re not seeing double when watching Netflix’s “Living With Yourself.” The series which stars Paul Rudd playing two versions of the same character, Miles and the genetically enhanced clone version of Miles, is a slightly dizzying tale.

The series begins with Miles clawing himself out of a shallow grave and returning home to find himself face to face with himself.

Miles is a miserable person, he’s not happy with himself or his job and he can’t seem to shake himself out of an ongoing depressive funk. The only thing he does know is that he wants to be happy and enjoy living life again. When a coworker tells him about a spa that did wonders for his outlook on life, Miles decides to check it out and finds himself involved in a cloning conspiracy.

Adding to the trouble, clone Miles has all of the original Miles’ memories so the clone is just as in love with Miles’ wife as he is. The two begin to live an off-kilter life as the clone pretends to be Miles at work while hiding the existence of the clone from his wife.

As the series progresses the two Miles find themselves duking it out for affection of their wife and also trying to nail the big pitch at work.

Paul Rudd performs well as he clearly creates two versions of Miles, the miserable Miles and the genetically improved version of Miles, while also still crafting a third version of Miles to show what he was like before he became depressed and ended up at the dastardly spa. Aisling Bea deftly moves through Kate’s confusing emotions of finding out your husband has a clone and that she might prefer the clone to the man she actually married.

“Living With Yourself” has one season available on Netflix. Viewers might also enjoy “Dead to Me” on Netflix. The series follows a grieving widow and her newfound friend she met at a support group who may know more about her husband’s death than she’s letting on.