Matthew Heineman, a 1998 graduate of the New Canaan Country School, directed and produced “A Private War” which opened in theaters nationwide on Nov. 19.

Heineman’s biopic is about Marie Colvin, the legendary, eye-patch-wearing Sunday Times correspondent.

Heineman, known for his documentaries “Cartel Land” and “City of Ghosts,” said he wanted to make this film because he was inspired by the incredible true story of Marie Colvin.

“After finishing Cartel Land, I was sent a number of different scripts; none of which really spoke to me. But when I got an early draft of A Private War, it spoke to me in such a profound way — it was a film I had to make,” he explained. “I’ve been in conflict zones before, I’ve been shot at, so her story of working in dangerous places is not foreign to me — and neither is the feeling of coming back home and having those experiences linger with you. I deeply empathized with Marie Colvin because I’ve tried to do something similar in my work to what she was able to accomplish — take complex geopolitical conflicts and humanize them.”

Heineman said the film is a tribute to journalism. “In this era of fake news with journalists under constant attack, for me the film is not just an homage to Marie fighting for the truth — but a homage to the importance of journalism in our society,” said Heineman.

Rosamund Pike stars as Marie Colvin in “A Private War” with Jamie Dornan and Stanley Tucci. For more information about the film, visit