The ragtag trio of gods and an exhausted monk return in Netflix’s Australian series “The New Legends of Monkey.”

The campy series is a loose adaptation once removed, as the series was inspired by the Japanese show “Monkey” that became a cult classic in Australia during the ’70s and ’80s, which was a loose interpretation of the 16th-century Chinese tale “A Journey to the West.”

In the first season, a young woman (referred to only as Girl) finds herself saddled with the sacred duties of the warrior monk Tripitaka after she frees a god known as the Monkey King. Since freeing the god, Tripitaka has had the unfortunate duty of reining in the god and his massive ego to try and focus him on his mission to recover the sacred scrolls to free humanity from demon enslavement. The mission is a bit of a tall order for the self-obsessed god. The duo are joined by two other gods, Pigsy and Sandy, who help them on their quest as they travel in search of the scrolls and fight demons along the way.

In the second season, audiences are reintroduced to the gang of unlikely and sometimes bumbling heroes as they continue their quest for the scrolls and find themselves often getting into scuffles with the demons.

For the record, the demons in the series provide more amusement than fear, particularly one who has the ability to transform into a moth and has a hilarious penchant for running after lamps. Another believes himself to be the smartest person only to have his big-brained brilliance crushed by a simple answer.

“The New Legends of Monkey” is a delightfully silly series the whole family can enjoy as the Monkey King foolishly runs about thinking that he can achieve anything with his strength, his staff and his temperamental flying cloud while Tripitaka and the other gods shake their heads at his antics.

“The New Legends of Monkey” is rated TV-PG and has two seasons on Netflix. Viewers may also enjoy watching “Raising Dion,” a series about a child who suddenly displays superhuman abilities.

More Information

The New Legends of Monkey

Seasons: Two

Episodes: 20

Episode length: 26 minutes

TV rating: TV-PG

Language: English

Similar series: Raising Dion