Binge and Repeat: Teens don't get mad, they 'Get Even' with Netflix's new family-friendly series

"Get Even" is a BBC/Netflix series about a group of girls trying to make their school a better place.

“Get Even” is a BBC/Netflix series about a group of girls trying to make their school a better place.

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Four teenagers attending the prestigious Bannerman Independent School find themselves in a sticky situation in the BBC/Netflix series “Get Even.”

The series, based on the book by Gretchen McNeil, follows four girls who work to fight and expose injustice in their toxic school environment. Olivia is a posh pretender, Kitty is an overachiever trying to maintain her scholarship status, Bree is an angry misfit and Margot is wilting wallflower, but together they form D.G.M.

D.G M., which stands for Don’t Get Mad, finds themselves at the crosshairs of a murder investigation after their latest target, a boy who stole and distributed a student’s indecent photos around the school, ends up dead. The police think it was the anonymous group who killed Ronnie, but the girls didn’t do anything more nefarious than trying to take a peek at the school bully’s computer.

While the group tries to clear their name, it seems someone else not only killed the bully, but is trying to frame D.G.M. for the death. When Mika, Kitty’s best friend, is also found dead, the group realizes just how precarious their situation is. Now instead of just “getting even” with the school, the girls have to track down a murderer, before anyone else is killed.

In addition to dealing with a murderer framing them, the girls find themselves facing normal teenage issues. Kitty is struggling to be the best at everything and feels like a failure after she is passed over for the team captain. Olivia is hiding who she really is from everyone and has to come to terms with who she is. Bree just wants her father to notice her and she’s acting out after her parents split. Margot just wants to remain invisible, but finds that with two boys vying for her attention that she’s drawing more attention than she realized.

Despite dealing with a murder mystery, “Get Even” isn’t a particularly dark series. The D.G.M. girls are clever and their secret work is conducted in an amusing manner. The series is rated TV-PG so it can make for a fun family binge. Viewers might also enjoy watching “Trinkets,” a Netflix series about a few teens who become friends through a support group for shoplifters.

Get Even

Seasons: One

Episodes: 10

Episode length: 30 minutes

TV rating: TV-PG

Language: English

Similar series: Trinkets