Looking for a movie to watch this weekend?

Take a look at what’s showing on television and broadcast stations.

Cinderella (2015)

Lily James, now on the big screen in the new Mamma Mia sequel, finds the essence of this classic fairy tale in an updated interpretation from Disney. Cate Blanchett shines as the stepmother.

Friday, August 3, 10 p.m., TBS

Easy A (2010)

Emma Stone, before winning an Oscar for La La Land, delivers a winning portrayal of a high school student determined to do anything to be popular.

Saturday, August 4, 4:50 p.m., Comedy

A League of Their Own (1992)

Geena Davis and Tom Hanks pay tribute to an overlook chapter in sports history in this touching look at the first women’s professional baseball league. Madonna and Rosie O’Donnell costar.

Sunday, August 5, 11 a.m., Sundance

Mary of Scotland (1936)

Katherine Hepburn has a field day as the misunderstood queen of Scots who battles the strong will of Queen Elizabeth of England. Later remade as a 1970s costume epic starring Vanessa Redgrave.

Sunday, August 5, 11:45 a.m., TCM

The Philadelphia Story (1940)

Katherine Hepburn, James Stewart and Cary Grant celebrate the tensions of love and marriage in this movie adaptation of the Phillip Barry play. Later remade as the musical High Society.

Sunday, August 5, 2 p.m., TCM

Suddenly, Last Summer (1959)

Katherine Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor battle over how to handle a devastating family death in this intense adaptation of the play by Tennessee Williams. Both were Oscar nominated.

Sunday, August 5, 4 p.m., TCM

Pat and Mike (1952)

Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy bring their best comedic skills to this look at an unlikely romance between a professional golfer and her manager.

Sunday, August 5, 6 p.m., TCM

Twister (1996)

Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton try to figure out what’s going on in their relationship while chasing tornadoes through Texas and Oklahoma. The marvelous Lois Smith costars as Hunt’s aunt.

Sunday, August 5, 7 and 9:30 p.m., IFC

Bringing Up Baby (1938)

Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant create the ultimate screwball comedy in this delightful look at life with a pet leopard. In the 1970s, this inspired the Barbra Streisand hit What’s Up Doc?

Sunday, August 5, 8 p.m., TCM

Desk Set (1957)

Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy battle the fears of technology in this 60-year-old comedy that feels suddenly relevant. How artificially intelligent can a computer be?

Sunday, August 5, 10 p.m., TCM