Looking for a movie to watch at home this weekend?

Take a look at what’s showing on broadcast and cable stations.

The Fault in Our Stars (2014)

What if a girl fighting a terminal illness learns that real healing occurs when people reach out to each other? Shailene Woodley stars in this touching drama based on John Green’s novel.

Friday, June 8, 5 p.m., FXM

Big (1988)

What if a boy wants to grow up before he’s ready? Tom Hanks nabbed his first Oscar nomination for Penny Marshall’s bittersweet comedy about age, hope and fear.

Friday, June 8, 8 p.m., POP

The Social Network (2010)

What if a college student is so socially awkward that he creates an online way for people to easily connect. Aaron Sorkin won an Oscar for the screenplay for this riveting drama.

Saturday, June 9, 8 a.m. and 1 p.m., IFC

Rocky (1976)

What if a down-on-his-luck boxer still pursues the dream for success in the ring? Sylvester Stallone wrote and stars in this classic drama that was a surprise Oscar winner for Best Picture.

Saturday, June 9, 9 a.m., Spike

Ruthless People (1986)

What if a husband so detests his wife that he jumps for joy when she is kidnapped? Bette Midler and Danny DeVito star in this dark comedy from Disney’s former Touchstone division.

Saturday, June 9, 10:30 a.m., Sundance

Casino (1995)

What if a king of organized crime finds himself challenged by the woman he loves? Sharon Stone was Oscar nominated for this epic from director Martin Scorcese.

Saturday, June 9, 12 noon, History

Silver Streak (1976)

What if a cross-country train ride becomes the haven for romance, deception and crime? Gene Wilder and Jill Clayburgh star in this comedy inspired by Hitchcock’s North by Northwest.

Saturday, June 9, 12:30 p.m., Sundance

Remember the Titans (2000)

What if a town’s devotion to its high school football team becomes a test for its commitment to racial justice? Denzel Washington shines in a sports drama for the family.

Saturday, June 9, 4:30 p.m., Spike

Easy A (2010)

What if a girl is so intent on becoming popular in a new school that she makes bad choices? Oscar winner Emma Stone shines in one of her first big film roles.

Saturday, June 9, 6 p.m., MTV

The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

What if a stock broker becomes so greedy and successful that his life is defined by how much money he makes and how much trouble he can stir? From director Martin Scorcese.

Sunday, June 10, 8 p.m., FXM