Kneads & Cravings: Berry good times

Fruit is great right? There’s nothing quite like noshing of fresh fruit during those scorching summer days (you know the ones where everyone retreats to a pool, lake, or stands in front of their air conditioning unit).
 This time of year the grocery stores and farmers’ markets are absolutely bursting with berries so I’ve taken advantage of this season’s berry bounty and I’ve been eating them pretty much non-stop. I add berries to my morning granola, mix them with yogurt, pulverize them into smoothing, boil them into jams, bake them into muffins, freeze them into ice cubes ... the list goes on and on, but let’s be honest, readers, you’re here to read about the margaritas.
I prefer to use fresh fruit when making my summer cocktails because then I can trick myself into believing that my margarita is healthy and that the tequila calories are somehow magically balanced out by the fruit juice in my cup. Over the weekend I got together with some friends to enjoy the warm breeze on the porch and some libations, and now folks, I’ll share my simple Mixed Berry Margarita recipe with you, so you too can unwind on the porch with a sweet seasonal cocktail.

Mixed Berry Margaritas Syrup

2 cups water
1 ½ cups sugar
⅔ cup blackberries
⅔ cup sliced strawberries
⅔ cup blueberries

Mixed Berry Margaritas

Makes 4 drinks
1 cup tequila
1 cup mixed berry syrup
2 cups ice
½ cup fresh lime juice (optional)
To make the syrup, combine all the ingredients in a pot and cook the berries, sugar and water on medium heat until the berries soften and the sugar dissolves. Let the syrup cool and put to the side. Once cooled, put the syrup in a jar and refrigerate until your ready to use it. The syrup can be stored for up to a week in advance. To make the margaritas, combine the tequila, syrup and ice in a blender. Pour into glasses and serve