The Darien Police and state Department of Transportation are advising residents of a major construction project to take place on the weekend of  Friday, June 7 through Monday, June 10. This is the second and expected to be the last weekend of work. Last weekend's work wrapped up early and appeared to cause less than expected delays. The construction relates to the complete replacement of the Post Road overpass over I-95 at Exit 9 in Stamford and is expected to begin about 11 p.m. on those Fridays and end early morning on those Mondays.

The Darien Police are advising drivers and residents that the impact of this construction could  be "significant and severe" on local traffic in Darien.


Although no construction is occurring in Darien, the sheer scope of this project, the major impact to I-95 through Darien and the proximity of the project to Darien town line makes it clear that there will be significant traffic congestion and potential significant delays on local Darien roadways during all hours of these two weekends. The Post Road in Stamford will be closed and a detour through Hamilton Avenue and Courtland Avenue will be set up and I-95 will not be “completely closed” but will be severely restricted as to be “effectively closed” during much of both weekends. The Darien Police Department expects very heavy traffic on most of the town's major streets (the Post Road, West Avenue, Mansfield Avenue, Hoyt Street, Tokeneke Road, etc.) as motorists seek alternates to I-95.

The project

The replacement bridge structure itself has been constructed right next to the highway for many months and is now ready to be installed. This process, known as Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) allows the impact on the roadways to be limited to two weekends rather than enduring two years of standard bridge construction. Six hundred and twenty-eight cubic yards of concrete weighing over 1.5 million pounds was used to build the two bridge spans. About 32 miles of rebar was installed within the newly constructed bridge spans, and new structural steel was used to create the new bridge superstructures. Each individual span to be lifted and set into place weighs between approximately 1.6 million pounds, and 1.8 million pounds.


The Darien Police Department has worked closely with the state Department of Transportation and all Emergency Services in neighboring towns to coordinate our preparation for this project. The Darien Police will also have additional police traffic personnel working around the clock dedicated solely to traffic management at Darien intersections and areas where delays are to be expected. The police expect a large amount of traffic to be exiting I-95 at Exit 11 (especially S/B) onto US 1.

Guidance for motorists

The Darien Police Department asks local drivers to please consider avoiding the area during these weekends and try to limit traffic trips if possible.

"Please allow for significant extra time if you must drive in lower Fairfield County during these weekends. Bear with us and please realize that enduring two weekends of epic delays are far superior to two years of ongoing traffic congestion and frustration," Darien Police said.

Note: There will be live streaming video feeds of construction during the weekends when the bridge is installed on the project website. This live feed, and complete information on the project, can be found at:

All inquiries concerning the Town of Darien’s involvement and preparation for this project can be directed to Capt. Don Anderson at or by phone at 203-662-5312.