Binge and Repeat: OITNB returns with some laughs

Orange Is The New Black dropped its sixth season allowing fans to finally find out what happened to the inmates after the fifth season’s cliffhanger. For those who haven’t watched the first few seasons yet, spoilers ahead.

The new season picks up with the ladies of Litchfield scattered around different prisons and in Litchfield’s maximum security prison, which means many characters from earlier seasons are seen only briefly or completely forgotten about. With some of the older characters pushed aside, the series revolves around an old prison rivalry between two sisters that somehow evolved into two prison gangs and how Piper and everyone else now fits into this new prison landscape.

After last season’s riot we have new guards on the screen and watch as they dehumanize the inmates through their fantasy league, taking bets and at times encouraging various types of inmate violence.

The sixth season is a bit more upbeat and more interesting than some of the previous seasons because (thankfully) there’s less focus on Piper and the writers are once again injecting more humor into the scenes.

This season also touches on the Black Lives Matter movement and immigration concerns. The audience is able to watch Taystee continue to push for justice for Poussey Washington’s murder while fighting against false charges. Danielle Brooks (Taystee) offers an outstanding performance as viewers watch her continue to grieve and face the repercussions of the riot.

This season still had plenty of laughs with Suzanne playing detective in Florida, Piper’s newfound obsession with kickball and Gloria’s exasperated attempts to have a proper fitness class.

Orange Is The New Black has six seasons available on Netflix. Fans may also enjoy Netlfix’s GLOW, which follows the lives of female wrestlers in the ’80s trying to make it big with their TV show.