Darien High School’s music department announces spring music award winners

Doug Werner, recipient of the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award with Band Director Jonathan Grauer

The Darien High School music department presented their chorus, orchestra and band spring awards concerts during the week of April 29 through May 2. The concerts celebrated the musical accomplishments of the school year, recognized seniors for their contributions and presented awards to students for outstanding achievement in music.

Veronica Mejias recipient of the John Philip Sousa Band Award with Band Director Jonathan Grauer

This year’s music department awards were as follows:

CT Association of School Award: Evelyn Sload

Music Department Outstanding Service Award: Elizabeth Garijo-Garde

John Philip Sousa Band Award: Veronica Mejias

National School Choral Award: Evelyn Sload

Orchestra Director’s Award: The Class of 2019

Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: Doug Werner

Choral Director’s Award: Amina Mobarik and Henry Steinthal

The Choral Outstanding Freshman Award: Samantha Bellingham

Elizabeth Garijo-Garde, recipient of the Music Department Outstanding Service Award and National School Orchestra Award with Orchestra Director Jane Minnis
Evelyn Sload, recipient of the National School Choral Award and the Leonard Bernstein Outstanding Musician Award with Director of Music Richard Sadlon