Binge and Repeat: Sabrina gets a dark makeover

The creators of Riverdale released their new series the Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix last week. The new series is very different from the Sabrina audiences might remember from the ’90s sitcom. While Sabrina is still a half witch living in Greendale with her quirky aunts and completely infatuated with Harvey Kinkle, the comparisons pretty much end there. This Sabrina is a much darker version of our perky heroine, with the familiar characters receiving the same shadowy makeover that the creators gave to Archie and his pals in Riverdale.

That’s not to say that a grittier version is bad, it’s just different. The only complaint I had while watching the series was that Salem, Sabrina’s familiar cat, doesn’t audibly speak with her.

Sabrina played by the talented Kiernan Shipka (best known as Mad Men’s Sally Draper) finds herself faced with a difficult decision on her 16th birthday, to sign her name in the Book of the Beast (aka the Devil’s book) to gain her full range of power and give up her mortal life, or continue living the way she has her whole life; with one foot in the witch’s realm and the other in the mortal world. While Sabrina wants to learn more about her magical abilities, the love she has for her boyfriend and her friends prevents her from being able to sign her soul over to the devil.

However, it seems Sabrina isn’t completely in control over her decision as other players work to manipulate her into signing her name into the book.

Watch as a young Sabrina combats demons and other magical foes in this captivating story of a young teen witch.

Sabrina has one season available on Netflix. Fans of the series might also enjoy watching the dark female-led drama Jessica Jones, also available on Netflix. Audiences might also enjoy the campy fun of a suburban zombie mom in The Santa Clarita Diet, also available on Netflix.