Darien police arrest man for skipping cab fare from LaGuardia Airport

Darien police arrested Ryan Schroeder, 40, for theft of services after a taxi driver reported an unpaid fair coming from LaGuardia Airport on July 25. The driver told police that his passenger had attempted to pay the $178 fare with a credit card, but the charge was declined. The passenger then went into his apartment and did not return to the car, leading the driver to contact the police.

When officers arrived at the Hollow Tree Ridge Home, they noticed that the door of the apartment had been forced open. They identified Ryan Schroeder as the passenger using his U.S. passport. Schroeder said he had recently moved to the apartment from the Cayman Islands and forced the door open because he didn’t have a key. Police made contact with Schroeder’s family members who confirmed that his name was on the lease and he was permitted to be at the apartment, though he had arrived unannounced.

According to police Schroeder did not know why his credit card was declined and claimed he had no other means of paying the fare. He told police he had lost his wallet as soon as he entered the apartment.

Because Schroeder could not pay the outstanding cab fare, he was taken into custody and transported to police headquarters. He was fingerprinted, processed, and released on a Written Promise to Appear, with a court date of Aug. 6.