SLIDESHOW: Darien enjoys the annual Fourth of July Push-n-Pull parade

Wheels were decked out for the annual Fourth of July Push-n-Pull parade in Darien
 Patch,6, P.K., 7 and Roscoe Hurty, 3, are ready for the parade
Axel Shelley,3, rings the bell of a firetruck
 Six-year-old Rory Curran waves a flag as the parade passes by
Cash Rykowski, 7 months, has his parade game face on.
Makena Micolo, 4, get ready for the parade
Kendall Micolo, 1 1/2 shows off her patriotic spirit
 Peyton Gale, 5
This year's parade was sponsored by Darien VFW Post #6933
Emerson Drexler enjoys a rocket pop on a very warm July 4th
Wheels of all kinds were part of the parade.
Uncle Sam was naturally front and center.
The 14th annual Push-n-Pull parade welcomed many enthusiastic marchers.
Lilly MacLean, 3, after the parade at Tiley Pond
Uncle Sam!
Push Pull-14
Noroton Fire Department
Push Pull-16
Darien Police Department motorcycles

All photos and video by Bryan Haeffele

The Darien VFW Post 6933 hosted the town’s 14th annual Darien Push-n-Pull Parade on July 4, 2018. The traditional parade consists of various young marchers and their families who decorate bicycles and wagons in patriotic colors — always joined of course by Uncle Sam. Town officials attending included Sen. Bob Duff, State Rep. Terrie Wood, and Selectman Susan Marks.

Marchers assembled at the Goodwives Shopping Center around 9:30 a.m., with a band playing around and the parade kicking off around 10:30 am.  The parade ended at Tilley Pond, where there were food trucks and entertainment for the children.