Letter: Pond skating is classic New England fun, but leave Gorham's Pond clean

Many enjoyed pond skating recently on Gorham’s Pond — while one pond neighbor said she enjoyed the bucolic scene, she pointed out that many left litter and equipment behind. — Laureen Vellante photo

To the Editor:

What a magnificent few weeks it has been on Gorham’s Pond!  From all across town, people young and old have gathered to skate: At one point, I counted over 12 “rinks” shoveled out of the ice!  Like a Currier and Ives print, the scene is truly the best New England has to offer.
Unfortunately, as temperatures rise, those of us who care deeply about the pond have to deal with the inevitable aftermath: hockey goals and other trash left on the melting ice.  This morning, I ventured out to retrieve two abandoned metal goals that surely were going to sink into the muck.  On my way, I encountered more than a dozen beer cans, a broken helmet, snow brushes, as well as other random detritus.  I dragged what I could to the shore, and promptly sank through the ice at the already melting edge for my trouble!
While we are all thrilled to see the use of the pond, those who come to skate need to be aware that anything that is left on the pond can – and will – sink to the bottom, creating an environmental hazard to both the flora and the fauna.  If you use the pond, clean up after yourself, each time, and help us preserve our town treasure.

Lindsay Purcell

118 Goodives River Road

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