Letter: Thank you to Stamford Emergency Medical Services and Darien’s Post 53

To the Editor:

During the evening of Labor Day this year, my wife dialed 911 to report I was having bad chest pain and could not breathe. A few minutes later, John Kalotai of Stamford Emergency Medical Services  and a few of the young men and women of Post 53 arrived at my home where John took charge and went to work immediately. His training, expertise and ability to administer medications right away were key factors in saving my life that night.

We are fans of Post 53 and think they are a wonderful group of youngsters who dedicated and volunteer their time in helping our community. However, if it wasn’t for the change in placing certified medical technicians inside these ambulances, me for one would not be here. Thanks to Rob Richards and those who pushed for this measure last year. It was a no brainier that has saved many of us already and will continue to do so.

John Corcoran



6 thoughts on “Letter: Thank you to Stamford Emergency Medical Services and Darien’s Post 53

  1. John, there have always been certified emergency medical technicians inside the ambulances. Furthermore, there have always been paramedics transporting inside the ambulances on calls where deemed necessary. The only difference is that now there is a paramedic stationed in Darien. The relocation of a paramedic response unit to Darien has reduced paramedic response times by a couple minutes. The system in place for patient care is still the same and the level of care you would have received in the past is still the same.

    • Thank you for the clarification. As you mentioned, these paramedics were not stationed in Darien. Having them there now is making a huge difference. Minutes mean a lot.

      • First he seeks credit for lights, now paramedics… Who’s going to write the letter for Rob claiming he’s found a cure for cancer?

        • Obviously politics is it for you and Ron Hammer. I could care less. I am a registered independent and I care about my health, the health of others and yes yours. Having a certified Stamford EMT traveling with Post 53 most likely saved my life and the lives of others over the last year. A 100% blockage of the main artery (the widow maker) required an EMT who was certified to administer certain life saving techniques. If we had to wait for them to arrive on their own, there would have most likely been more severe heart damage or worse according to the doctors. I don’t care if it was Rob Richards (who pushed for it with others or anyone else who made this happen last year). However, I am eternally grateful that Rob and the others did.. It most likely saved my life and the lives of others. If you, Mr. Hammer or others want to play politics, I could care less. This is about the health and well being of our community.

          • I love that Rob is the only one you mention in your politically motivated endorsement even though the reality is many of “the others” did actually make it happen over several years. Yet you accuse me of “playing politics” when I didn’t mention anyone’s name?nnIronic, don’t you think?

          • NO, I don’t think it’s ironic. Politically motivated endorsement. Your kidding…..You brought up the ‘lights’ and the cure for cancer. I have lived in town for twenty years and never cared nor do I care now about the politics. Obviously you do. I was given Rob’s name concerning this matter. I also thanked the many others, I just don’t know their names or I would be happy to name them too.nnYou obviously don’t get it. Whatever and whomever had a huge part in saving my life when moving to have Stamford EMS make the runs with Post 53. That’s all that matters to my wife, family and I. Read the original letter, I first thanked Post 53 and the Stamford EMT (John) who arrived at my house. nnI just wanted to thank those involved and you and others turn it in to politics. Typical Darien……….Someone tries to just give a heart felt thank you, and we have those who want turn it into something else.

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