Darien students raise money for natural disaster victims with lemonade stand

Quinn Rogers, back, left, Thomas Desai, and Alex Shaw; Rowan Rogers, front, left, Morgan Castellani, Emma Shaw, and Julia Desai. Missing: Stellan Morgan and Greeley Morgan
First and second graders from Royle, Tokeneke and Ox Ridge Schools held a lemonade stand on Saturday to raise money for victims of recent hurricanes and earthquakes.
The lemonade stand was held on Saturday afternoon in front of Kirby & Co. on the Post Road.
The students made close to $600 and all proceeds were donated to hurricane and earthquake relief efforts, specifically, the Love City United Foundation (raising funds to assist St. John, USVI recover) as well as the United Way – Disaster Relief and Reconstruction Fund.
“We are so thankful to the community for their generosity!” said Stefanie Desai, mom to one of the children.