SLIDESHOW: From fireworks to a parade — here's Fourth of July in Darien

The fireworks committee chairmen — Shannon Keefe, Susan Marks, and Stacey Tié
The sun sets over Darien High School as the crowd gets ready for fireworks.

Darien celebrated the Fourth of July in several ways, including the Independence Day fireworks on Sunday night.
The fireworks were postponed from the original night scheduled on Saturday due to incoming storms, giving way to a beautiful night Sunday at Darien High School. Many turned out to enjoy the food trucks and patriotic event.

On July 4, the Darien VFW sponsored the annual Push-n-Pull parade down the Post Road with children decorating their bikes, scooters, and wagons with red white and blue.
Fireworks photos courtesy First Selectman Jayme Stevenson and State Rep. Terrie Wood
Push-N-Pull parade — Bryan Haeffele photos