Wave tames Tigers 10-3

First Wave to win states in lax in house for 20th reunion

Ryan Cornell keeps ahead of the pressure. Courtesy Darien Athletic Foundation


Darien blew out Ridgefield 10-3 at home on Saturday as Ryan Cornell made 10 saves in a barely-could-be-beat performance.

Everybody dominated their matchups.

Riley Stewart

“Our defense really came out strong,” said the Wave’s Riley Stewart. “Everybody dominated their matchups and Ryan had a stellar day in goal, as he only let up one goal.”

In total control the whole way, Darien led 7-0 at the half.

Jack Joyce holds up the Ridgefield attack. Courtesy Darien Athletic Foundation

The teams combined for penalties into double figures in a rough contest.

“The only downside of the game was how much time we spent in the penalty box,” Stewart said. “But the defense, (despite) spending what seemed like a full quarter of time in the box and man down, only let up one goal.”

Darien improves to 12-0 overall, 8-0 FCIAC, Ridgefield goes to 8-3, 5-2.

Kevin Lindley fires away. Courtesy Darien Athletic Foundation

Kevin Lindley, Logan McGovern, Stewart and Brian Minicus scored two goals each.

Matt Meyjes and Finlay Collins scored one goal each.

Sean Collins spelled Cornell in the fourth quarter.

20 Years On: Honoring Wave’s First State Title

Jeff Brameier and members of his 1997 crew, the first to win states, assemble at the game on Saturday. From left, are Brendan Malone, Jeff Cashman, Matt Wilkins, Todd Mossa, Ryan Damon, Brameier and Andrew Atha. Courtesy Darien Athletic Foundation

Darien honored its lax class of 1997, its first to win a state title, with a 20 year reunion, with many attending the game.

Blake Sommi surveys the field. Courtesy Darien Athletic Foundation

“Offensively we had a good day,” said Stewart. “I feel we can put up more goals, but people like Finlay, Kevin, Matt, Logan and Brian had great days on offense, putting up way more goals than needed. We also did well at the face-off x with Tanner (Strub) and Jack (Beatty). Overall good win.”

Finlay Collins fires on the Tigers in Saturday’s eighth straight FCIAC win of the season. Courtesy Darien Athletic Foundation

The Wave is rated the top team in the nation, with its longest winning streak, that reaches 43 games.

Quinn Fay stays on his mark. Courtesy Darien Athletic Foundation