All for 1 and 4 won all

CAST IN STONE — KiKi Tropsa had a solid-as-granite performance, regardless of breaking her hand and wearing a cast through post-season. Courtesy Darien Athletic Foundation

It was a one-for-all effort in Wave Hockey’s second straight state championship win, but more like four-won-all with individual statewide honors.
Cassidy Schiff made it happen in OT in the state final.

Senior Cassidy Schiff and sophomore Shea van den Broek finished the 2016-17 season as All-State forwards.
Wave senior captain goalie Emily Gianunzio with the save. Courtesy Darien Athletic Foundation

Playing injured, junior KiKi Tropsa made the grade at defense, and senior Emily Gianunzio in goal.
Sophomore scorer Shea van den Broek goes for broke on offense. Courtesy Darien Athletic Foundation