Rob Morrison insults Darien Times, Stamford Court in profane tirade

Rob Morrison, WCBS News 2 morning anchor, outside Stamford Court in February. (Darien Times/Laureen Vellante)

Rob Morrison, WCBS News 2 morning anchor, outside Stamford Court in February. (Darien Times/Laureen Vellante)

Former CBS News anchor Rob Morrison called the Darien Times Tuesday, using a slew of insults and profanities to express his frustration that The Times published a story that he said was “bull****” and “completely inaccurate.”

After insulting the Times and claiming its sources “suck,” the jobless news anchor also said this newspaper was “shi***,” and was not doing its due diligence.

Morrison was scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday, April 30. However, the office of his attorney, Robert Skovgaard, told The Times the case was continued until May 21. The Times asked the clerk’s office the day of the hearing and the day before, and was told the case had not been continued and that Morrison was scheduled for court on the 30th.

The Darien resident called The Times to complain that its online story about the date of his court appearance was wrong, but he became audibly irritated during the conversation, and resorted to insults and profanities in an attempt to get his point across.

Morrison faces felony strangulation charges for allegedly choking his wife, CBS MoneyWatch anchor Ashley Morrison, in February, a charge Morrison has said is untrue. Darien Police also claim he threatened to kill his wife while at police headquarters, which Morrison also refutes.

In Morrison’s heated tirade, he repeatedly stated The Times’ sources “sucked.”

“Your sources suck in the Stamford Court, and the Darien Times — I know this is big time for ya, OK, but your sources suck, brother,” Morrison said.

The Times asked if the court is what Morrison was referring to, since the clerk is part of the court.

“The clerk is your source? [The state’s attorney] you fu***** idiot,” he said. “F*** the clerk.”

The state’s attorney’s office, which Morrison referred to as the “D.A.,” did not respond to a request for comment. Morrison, however, said the “D.A’s office” is where court information should be obtained. New York’s prosecutors are called district attorneys, or D.A.’s, but in Connecticut they are called state’s attorneys.

Morrison then claimed The Times gets its information from “whatever is fu***** fed to you on some press release or some form.”

“Because that’s journalism,” he said sarcastically.

When told that nobody had sent The Times a press release indicating the court case was postponed, including Morrison’s lawyer Skovgaard, and that The Times got its information by contacting the court directly, Morrison maintained his position.

“Good for you, bro,” he said, referencing The Times’ efforts. “You know every time you call my fu***** attorney, it costs me a thousand dollars?”

The Times invited Morrison for an interview, then informed Morrison that the conversation was all on the record, at which point Morrison hung up.

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  • T.C.

    Wait a minute. If I call Rob Morrison’s attorney and say I’m a reporter, will it cost him a grand?

  • BeMierz

    They keep putting it off, hoping the press will forget & is pissed they aren’t.

  • farley213

    I used to be an incredible fan of Mr. Morrison’s work. He was who I turned to at both NBC and CBS and admired him tremendously during 9/11.

    Having followed this story from the beginning, I was willing to give him the old “innocent until proven guilty’ ideal, although that was starting to wane the more I read…note: in various sources.

    But after reading this?

    Just horrible that a once respected journalist would go all frat-boy on a fellow journalist going as far as using profanity to answer questions like this.

    And $1000 a pop for each call? Seems too tempting to put him on auto-dial!

  • Two bits of advice for The Robster….1. Lay off the sauce. 2. Accept the job offer in Boise.

  • John

    Kick’em when he’s down……what else is new ??

  • bill

    Thin skinned perhaps? Easy target?

    National Media source calls it

    “Ex-anchor gives local newsrag a tongue lashing”

  • chris-noe

    Seems like appropriate use of profanity to me.

    “Innocent until proven guilty” is how the US system works.

    That remindes me. I have a prank call for the Jerky Boys.

    The caller, a cab driver, calls the Darien PD to report his flying pig has been stolen. He stopped at DD for coffee and let it out. He came back and it’s gone. “It’s been stolen, it’s not like it flew away or something”

  • BeMierz

    How about an update? He was supposed to be in court 5/21.

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