Letter: Gun control is nothing but victim disarmament

To the Editor:

The event in Newtown was tragic; yielding our 2nd amendment rights because of it is beyond tragic.
Politicians and journalists with this longtime agenda are capitalizing on Newtown hoping emotion carries the day. Let’s step back and consider what this means for us.

As everyone knows, the Bill of Rights is there for our protection

The right to keep and bear arms is high on the list because the founding fathers knew an armed citizenry was the best way to keep a government honest.

We all know the quote about absolute power — well, what is that but having all the guns and your target having none?

This is why historically gun control has always meant doom for the populace. See how things played out in Nazi Germany, China, USSR and Rwanda soon after these measures were enacted. Banning assault rifles etc. seems to make sense until you consider an attacker may be a gang of attackers. Think it can’t happen? Who knows what chaos is to come as the Fed steadily weakens the dollar buying up $80B of its own debt month after month in QE3 purchases?

Violent crimes increase after gun control because the weak can’t fight back—thus encouraging more predators.

What few are saying is that in almost all mass shootings SSRI drugs have been a factor. But then, why ruffle Big Pharma which sponsors around- the- clock entertainment news?

Back to the main issue: this is a government which loves guns and ammo. Consider the wars, armed drones and the NDAA (google).

The U.S. has bought over 1.6 billion rounds of hollow point bullets, which cannot be used overseas due to a Geneva Convention ban. What is up with this?

Back to Newtown. Many things don’t add up, as you can see for yourself by viewing the Ben Swann Full Disclosure video on youtube; but don’t expect a press with an agenda to uncover them.

Don’t trade away our birthright for any cause celebre, especially one with so many unanswered questions. It will only mean more Newtowns.

Gun control is nothing but victim disarmament.

Chet Saur

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  • T.C.

    The only thing that scares me more than a criminal with a gun is a conspiracy theorist with a house full of them (as I assume Chet’s is).

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